Lily Allen has declared she is "single" after announcing her split from boyfriend MC Meridian Dan during an appearance on a podcast.

The 33-year-old singer's relationship with the grime rapper, real name Daniel Lawrence London, dates back to October 2015, when court papers revealed the pair had been in bed together when her Notting Hill flat was broken into by the man who was convicted for stalking her, Alex Gray.

And in a chat with podcast host Elizabeth Day, Lily revealed she and Dan split three weeks ago.

“I’m single, for the first time since I was about 15," she told writer Elizabeth on Wednesday's (02Jan18) episode of her How to Fail podcast, reports British newspaper The Evening Standard.

“I’ve just come back from a tour in America, which is where I was when things went wrong with Sam (Cooper, ex-husband), and the same thing happened in my current relationship," she continued.

“I mean, I didn’t take lots of drugs and have lots of sex with other people. I just became very lost."

In her recent memoir, My Thoughts Exactly, Lily stunned fans by sharing that she had slept with female escorts while touring during her “deteriorating marriage” to former husband Sam.

During the chat, Lily, who shares two children Ethel, seven, and Marnie, five, with Sam, described herself as “co-dependent” and admitted she often felt lonely on tour “without... that person to talk to every day”.

“We’ve been broken up for about three weeks," she said of her split from Dan.

But the singer insisted she is dealing with being single a lot better than she used to.

“It’s been bad news after bad news and the fact that I haven’t called him and been like ‘Can you come round for a cuddle?’ is big for me," The Fear hitmaker shared. “Ordinarily when things get difficult I do need to have somebody around to share those problems with.

“The fact that I’m dealing with them on my own (means) I’m growing up!”